Letter to whoever, I think myself? who knows..

Going into this i am aware of the flaws that will on go in whatever this is from the countless misspelled words and terrible grammar but thats alright, its a working progress. writing has always been a flaw of mine but honestly what isn't, its all a working progress. Figuring it all out, studying the repetitive nature within design and probably doing a poor job of it but hey, its a working progress. Deciding the angle and appearance of what a few creative people can bring to life, growing from our last project and then onto the next, a constant work in progress. Evolving from one tab to five, scrolling from one page now to ten, episode one to four, This is all just a work in progress, Enjoy.




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         I suppose there is     more.     More I can be, more to ask for, more to ask about. Perhaps,     I should just start looking.     Do not tell me the world is my   oyster    when I have an intolerance to shellfish.      Do not tell me that my options are unlimited       when that is simply untrue. A lie, though well-intentioned, is still a lie.          It is still untrue and all that      I need is a singular truth to attach myself to. A truth that I can feel    rooted    in. 

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